Gill-atine Throwfishing Spear



The Gill-atine Throwfishing Spear is a modern take on the most primitive of fishing tools. This 53.5″ surface fishing tool weighs in at just under 3lbs with a comfortably round 40″ anodized aluminum handle and 10″ stainless steel spear shaft. The Gill-atine aims to serve as a versatile weapon of choice for a wide variety of anglers, as it can be used as a primary fishing device, a vertical gaff or gig, or as a quick backup to deliver the killing blow to a giant catch. Fitted with a stainless steel front weight for enhanced accuracy and penetration, the Gill-atine is perfectly balanced making it a great choice for novice and experienced throwers alike. Threaded assembly seals the aluminum handle from water intrusion, keeping the weight forward stabilized and allowing for easy replacement of parts and additional pole handle extension. At the tip of the 10″ hardened stainless steel shaft is a 3-barb hardened bullet tip that features retractable serrated barbs that easily retract with a 3-twist fish removal method. This allows for easy removal of the spear from the fish while minimizing damage to the meat. Also included is a 20′, high visibility, 550 lb rated paracord retrieval line along with an adjustable strap for line storage and a reusable point protector.


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