Garmin BlueChart g2 HD Florida Everglades Keys SD Card



BlueChart g2 HD w/High Resolution Satellite Imagery – Florida Everglades + Keys

Combining on-screen navigation with the latest in high-resolution satellite imagery, this mapping product – with complete coverage on a single card – offers clear and current information regarding access to those backwaters, swamps and canals where standard government-issued marine charts may not accurately represent the shifting shorelines of navigable waterways.

Navigate with a true and realistic “bird’s eye” view of the channels and shorelines in your area by integrating 1 meter high-resolution color satellite imagery with your chartplotter’s marine cartography.
Quickly and easily superimpose satellite images over your displayed charts for real-life views of waterways, landmarks, obstructions, terrain features and more.
View aerials of shorelines, roads, marinas, canals and channels, which help provide the extra situational awareness you need to clearly see the big picture.
For added perspective, BlueChart g2 HD cartography offers a choice of standard 2-D direct overhead or 3-D “over-the-bow” map views to further enhance chart interpretation and orientation.

Find marinas
Visualize sand bars and deepest paths
Navigate marshes in flat bottom boats
Find points, humps and other cover that attract fish
Up to 1-foot contours reveal detailed sea floor terrain

Features coverage of the Florida Everglades and the Keys in g2 HD detail with up to 1-foot HD fishing contours and 1-meter high resolution satellite imagery, including Naples, Marco Island and Key West. The Florida Atlantic Coast, including Ft. Lauderdale and Miami, also is covered in g2 HD detail.


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