Garmin 010-01588-00 Panoptix PS21 LiveVu Forward Transducer



The Garmin 010-01588-00 Panoptix PS21 LiveV? Forward Transducer gives you the ability to see all around your boat in real time. Garmin is the first company to bring the power of Panoptix sonar imaging to your boat.Garmin 010-01588-00 Panoptix PS21 LiveV? Forward Transducer Features:LiveV? Forward is the most unique and compelling Panoptix view
See ahead and around your boat; even while stationary
See fish swimming and attacking your lure See it all – live and in real time – up to 100 feet away
Includes transducer trolling motor mounting kitIt’s Not Just Sonar; It’s Panoptix Sonar
LiveV? Forward delivers a whole new perspective to fishing. Your current sonar only shows images of fish your transducer has passed over. To capture those images, your boat must be moving. Everything that shows up on your screen is technically history; it’s all in the past.

Fishing Comes Alive with Panoptix
With LiveV? Forward, your boat can be moving or stationary. Wherever your trolling motor is pointed, you will see live images of what is happening under the water. Watch your lure as it sinks and see its depth and movement as you retrieve it. See it move in relation to structure in the water. See fish swimming and reacting to your bait. If they attack, you’ll see and feel the hit! Once on the hook, watch the fight on your screen as it happens. With Panoptix LiveV? Forward, you can see it all come to life up to 100 feet away. All other sonar is just history.


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