G-Loomis CrossCurrent Pro 1 Fly Rods



Its the age-old formula… find the moving water and find the fish. Tides and currents – they’re the keys to saltwater flyfishing. Where current meets still water or dissimilar currents converge, edges are created and the bait is trapped. It s these edges that flyfishers seek… the “crosscurrents” where fish and fly meet!

Saltwater flyfishing is a passion – it’s advantage fish, not angler. A fanatical pursuit with zeal fueled by the degree of difficulty required to reach the ultimate goal. It’s fast fish and skinny water for some… big fish and blue water for others. Sometimes it’s finesse and long leaders, but most of the time it’s brute strength and power! Creating fly rods for such a demanding fishery requires a lot of dreaming and a lot of fishing. The final result is the most advanced and uniquely different series of fly rods ever. Messrs. Pallot, Wejebe, Rajeff and Loomis and a cast of hundreds shared their angling and casting expertise to help us create our new “CrossCurrent” saltwater fly rods.


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