Favorite Yampa River Spinning Reels



The Yampa River is the ultimate light tackle spinning reel and is perfect for pairing with you ultra-light rod. Favorite’s Airlite body technology allows the reel body to be constructed from an ultra high modulus carbon, having strength and rigidity similar to metal reels, but at a fraction of the weight. Favorite’s HD Gear technology ensures smoothness and durability by offering a high strength main gear made from a reinforced lightweight alloy. This main gear system also utilizes a direct screw-in handle connection, allowing leverage to be transferred directly from the handle to the main gear for maximum cranking efficiency and smooth rotation. The Yampa River also features Favorite’s Feather Light Rotor, which is a skeletal carbon composite construction. This rigid and lightweight rotor requires less inertia to move, thus offering smoother and more effortless reel rotation. Features:Airlite – Super lightweight high modulus carbon bodyTitanium nitride covered anti-twist line roller and spool lip10 stainless steel ball bearings + 1 roller bearingInstant anti-reverse5.2:1 gear ratioFeather Light RotorStainless steel main shaftHeavy duty main gear with screw-in handle connectionSuper smooth braid winding systemMachined metal handle with cork knob


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