Favorite Summit Casting Rods



The Favorite Summit Casting Rods represent the pinnacle of fishing rod technology with design features that make it the first of its kind. There is simply nothing else like it on the market outside of the Favorite lineup. The Summit is the first rod to feature a solid one piece construction from top to bottom. Conventional rod designs utilize a separate blank, handle, and reel seat, but this is not the case with the Summit due to the implementation of iGrip Technology. The essence of iGrip technology is that the grip and blank are formed as a single unit, resulting in unprecedented weight reduction and sensitivity. Thanks to Favorite’s Graphite and Kevlar Cloth Technology, the Summit holds the record for the lightest weight series of rods in the business. At its core is a Japanese made 46-ton Toray blank constructed with Favorite’s Multi Layer Structure technology. These blanks are produced from a layering process where carbon of different modulus and different fiber directions are strategically layered on top of one another to achieve the desired rod action, increase durability, and lower weight. The blank is then wrapped in an 8-directional grid of high modulus carbon which Favorite has coined its “Octa Core Grid” technology, making this thin, feather-light blank stiffer and strong enough to handle any challenge. Last but not least, the Summit is fitted with premium titanium framed Fuji K-R Concept guides with Torzite inserts for unparalleled casting distance and accuracy. Thanks to Favorite, the future is now for fishing rod technology, and if it’s not a Summit, it’s simply out dated!


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