Favorite Big Sexy Casting Rods



The Favorite Big Sexy Casting Rods are designed for those heavy duty bass fishing techniques that we all know and love. These are the perfect rod for heavy cover worm and jig fishing that requires a fast action and loads of backbone to horse big bass out of their hiding places. The Big Sexy is built around a robust Skyflex 36-ton Korean manufactured blank constructed with Favorite’s Multi Layer Structure technology. These blanks are produced from a layering process where carbon of different modulus and different fiber directions are strategically layered on top of one another to achieve the desired rod action, increase durability, and lower weight. Favorite has also added their FX Grid technology to the mix where an x-like carbon tape is wrapped throughout the butt and middle sections of the blank for increased rod power. These rods are fitted with Fuji K-R Concept guides with Alconite inserts and a combination of cork and EVA split grip handles. Big bass in heavy cover have officially met their match!


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