Cortland C16 Hollow Super Braid Fishing Line



Cortland C16 Super Braid Fishing Line is an advanced gel-spun fiber, hollow core fishing line manufactured in Cortland, New York. The C16 line features a tight, round weave and uniform pick count for an incredibly smooth surface that packs tightly on the spool with no flattening or digging in. Fine diameter minimizes line drag when trolling or fighting fish, and the 16-carrier construction results in resistance to nicks and abrasions.
C16 Super Braid Fishing Line has virtually no stretch, producing extreme sensitivity and instant hooksets. This line also features FiberTech super braid protection, a unique treatment which penetrates the weave and bonds with the individual gel-spun fibers to stiffen and improve the handling characteristics of the line. FiberTech also creates a permanent color, reduces friction in the guides and dramatically increases the line’s durability.
Braided with a hollow core for fast and reliable splicing of end-loops for wind-on leaders or direct splices for top shots of monofilament or fluorocarbon. All spliced line-leader connections achieve 100 percent of the leader strength.
Available in bulk spools (600, 1200 and 2500 yards) in 80, 100, 130 and 200 lb test.
Colors: White, Chartreuse and Black


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