Chota Outdoor Gear Caney Fork Wading Boots



The Chota Outdoor Gear Caney Fork Wading Boot utilizes the easy to use Quicklace system that makes putting on and lacing up your boots almost as easy as stepping into your favorite slippers. One pull on the QuickLace, hook in, slide the barrel lock down, and you are ready to go. The new molded heel counter enhances support and features a distinctive ”Kick Off” Plate. Chota’s Dual Density ATX100 rubber outsole provides traction over a wide range of wading and trail conditions. Dense rubber cleat receptacles accept Chota’s optional steel or carbide cleats for additional traction as conditions demand. Removable EVA insole and 1/4” EVA footbed liner provides the ultimate in versatility. Remove the 1/4” footbed liner for increased volume to comfortably accommodate sock foot waders or leave the footbed liner in for wet wading. Micro screen drains and full tongue gusset allow for rapid drainage.


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