Avet JX G2 Lever Drag Casting Reels



Avet JX G2 Lever Drag Casting Reels fill in the line class gap between Avet’s original and Raptor series. Avet’s Generation 2 Reels add impressive new features, like an updated frame with new look and feel, 40% more drag output, increased line capacity, and a ratcheting Glide Plate/Lever System, making one of the Avet JX G2 Reels a great choice for your next fishing trip.Avet JX G2 Reel Features:Redesigned frame with new refined look and feelRatcheting Glide Plate/Lever System, with positive button release stop at strike position, just like the Raptor SeriesFaceted, knurled drag knob and lever grip provide tactile feel and positive gripIncreased line capacities like the Raptor Series, allow generous space for appropriate larger line classesRefined, silent, reliable, dog and Gear Anti-Reverse System, with more gear teeth and minimal handle back-play40% more drag output, bridging the line-class-gap between the original and Raptor seriesLarger bearings and main shafts for added durability with heavy line classesOptional M.C. Cast Control


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