Avet G2 MXL Blue / TackleDirect TDSCJ66MH Conventional Jigging Combo



TackleDirect Conventional Jigging Combos feature some of the most trusted conventional reels on the market paired with our brand new and versatile series of conventional jigging rods. In this combo, the medium heavy jigging rod is paired up with the Avet G2 MXL 5.8 in blue. Each jigging combo is perfectly matched and balanced, taking the guess work out of matching up all of the jigging rod and reel options out there. Not only can these combos be used for jigging, they also make for great all around conventional rod & reel setups that can also be used for bottom fishing, live bait fishing, and even light trolling applications. All you need to do is spool them up with your favorite braid and get out on the water with your new TackleDirect Conventional Jigging Combo!


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