AquaSkinz Elite Hunter Pro Series Rogue Bag



AquaSkinz Elite Hunter Pro Rogue is not just another gear bag. The Elite Hunter Pro Series ROGUE is completely customizable by the user’s needs. The unique side panel design allows the user to ADD (or not) an array of other bags, pouches and accessory items to the bag on the spot – instantly transforming the bag into a customizable unit.

The Elite Hunter Pro Series is the next evolution in essential tools for the hard core angler who demands the best. They have no comparison in the industry. Made from the toughest and most durable material currently available! The EHPS series offers unmatched detail to excellence, while incorporating nostalgia, quality and key features in every facet of the way they are designed and made. Every piece of material, component and part is saltwater grade, assuring you maximum durability against the affects from the marine environment. Each piece is meticulously assembled to provide you, the user with the most durable, most functional, best built gear you can buy or will ever need.


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