Alutecnos SALV1200bs 12 Veloce Sailfish Color Silver



Small, powerful, elegant and immediately recognizable, this is the synthesis of the new Albacore 12 Gorilla reel. With its Multi Drag Disc that can be set over 40 lbs, a guaranteed free-spool, and a 4,4:1 ratio that proves to be perfect with this high power, it will be possible to lie in wait for and pull quickly on board preys that otherwise with conventional reels would be very difficult if not impossible to catch. Expressly studied for extreme deep-jigging, it stands out not only for its powerful and functional performance, but also for its elegant look, silver anodizing, drag release button and red coloured handle. Albacore 12 ?Gorilla? reel, once more a “masterpiece for the art of fishing” by Alutecnos.

Laser Printed GraphicsMulti Drag DiscIGFA Class 12


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