13 Fishing Muse Gold Spinning Rods



13 Fishing Muse Gold Spinning Rods offer unmatched balance, performance, and feel in an aesthetically beautiful rod. The Muse Gold family of spinning rods ranges from 6’3” to 7’7” in a variety of tapers and actions. These fine-tuned rods excel at every application. The Muse Gold line is built on high-modulus 36 ton Mitsubishi graphite blanks utilizing ZAT (Zonal Action Technology). ZAT divides the blank into three distinct zones – lower, mid, and tip; each with distinct performance characteristics. ZAT allowed 13 Fishing engineers to design the perfect walleye rod: One with exceptional sensitivity, hook setting power, and forgiveness.”It’s in the 1-on-1, angler vs. fish situations where success will hinge on your ability to distinguish between the current and a walleye breathing on your jig. It’s then that you’ll need a responsive rod with ample backbone to drive a solid hook-set, while having the optimal forgiveness to stay in control of that surging trophy walleye. These are the moments you demand perfection from your equipment, these are the moments you will want to make sure you are a fishing a Muse Gold.” – Chip Leer13 Fishing Muse Gold Spinning Rod Features:36 Ton Mitsubishi Rayon Graphite BlanksPVG 36T ConstructionKigan 30 ZH Guides with SIC InsertsPremium Cork and EVA HandleZAT1 Action Technology7 Year Limited Warranty


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