VIKING IBA – 100 Person – Round Container



IBA 100 Person Round Container

*Recommended for commercial use only. For recreational applications
please consider VIKING’s RescYou series.

US Coast Guard Approved IBA and Liferaft Solution for Vessels Operating in
US Coastal Waters.

USCG Change in Regulations

USCG has stipulated that as of 26 February 2016 all commercial vessels
sailing in US coastal waters must have an approved survival craft onboard
that ensures no part of an individual is immersed in water. This means that
basic life floats and similar systems must be phased out and replaced by
approved craft in order for the vessel to meet the new requirement.

Fully reversible
Heavy duty, durable natural rubber
Racks and ramps are available for larger sizes
USCG approved

Weight: 728 Lbs
Dimensions: 61″ x 37″ x 35″


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