TrollPro TP3-DP DredgePro TrollPro3 Underwater Video Housing



TrollPro TP3-DP TrollPro3 DredgePro Underwater Video Housing is an effective way to capture the underwater excitement that a dredge teaser can create.

DredgePro is designed to let you quickly interchange most models of 6-arm dredge rigs to securely mount your HD Hero camera to the trailing tier. You use your own favorite Dredge Teaser, not stuck with a permanent one stuck in a clunky lead cap. Change out your 6-arm dredge teaser quickly and securely. DredgePro’s innovative rotational coupling lets your Dredge Teaser turn naturally in the spread while your camera stays oriented to the horizon.

DredgePro supports the entire line of GoPro HD Hero, HD Hero2 and HD Hero3 cameras (cameras not included).


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