TackleDirect Dink Ballyhoo Circle Hook Rigging Kit



Want to venture outside of your usual offshore trolling comfort zone and challenge yourself with hooking white marlin and sailfish using circle hooks? We at TackleDirect know that there are endless options available today, and you may not know where to begin to get set up correctly. Now TackleDirect has taken all of the guesswork out of packaging all of the best products on the market to rig dink ballyhoo effectively when dead bait trolling for Mr. Whitey. Products included will allow you to rig the most popular baitfish used for trolling using the o-ring method, which allows for quick and easy change outs of your baits in seconds. Also included are components to build short fluorocarbon leaders using 50 and 60lb YoZuri HD Fluorocarbon, so all you have to do is snell on the provided 7/0 or 8/0 Eagle Claw L2004ELFCircle Hooks, and crimp a small loop on the end that attaches to your Momoi Diamond Ball Bearing Snap Swivel coming off of your mainline or header. The Challenge Yo-Yo Hand Reels can then be loaded with all of your built leaders so that you can keep different hook and leader strengths separate, allowing you to easily keep track of what leaders are being sent out in the middle of a hot bite. All of this fits snuggly right in the Plano Prolatch XL StowAway box, so that you can organize all of your dink ballyhoo rigging gear all in one place neatly. TackleDirect Dink Ballyhoo Circle Hook Rigging Kit Contents:TD CodeQtyRetailDescriptionEAG-0294-11$28.89Eagle Claw L2004ELF-7/0 Sea Guard Black 50pk Lazer Circle Light Wire Non-OffsetEAG-0294-21$28.89Eagle Claw L2004ELF-8/0 Sea Guard Black 50pk Lazer Circle Light Wire Non-OffsetSIN-00111$0.25Bait Rigging Egg Sinkers 3/8oz 100 countAFW-02721$29.99AFW U020L14-01LB Copper Rigging Wire .020in diam Copper 14in 1lb TubeYOZ-03211$75.99Yozuri HD 50LB CL 100 SPL Clear HD Carbon Fluorocarbon Leader 50lb 100yds ClearYOZ-03221$89.99Yozuri HD 60LB CL 100 SPL Clear HD Carbon Fluorocarbon Leader 60lb 100yds ClearTDA-02591$8.99TackleDirect N702-004 Size 4 200pk Black Ballyhoo Grommet O-RingMOM-02491$4.79Momoi 95699-96108 0.8 Diamond Mini Copper Double Sleeves 100ctCHE-00022$1.99Challenge 50140 Yo-Yo Hand Reel 6 BlackMOM-02631$63.99Momoi 95699-00001 Stainless Steel Mono CutterAFW-00681$19.99AFW TPCRPHD-ECONO Econo Crimping PliersMOM-00831$21.99Momoi 81702 Size 4 75lb 10pk Diamond SwivelsPLN-01921$10.99Plano 705001 ProLatch XL StowAway


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