St Croix High Stick Drifter Fly Rods



St. Croix High Stick Drifter Fly Rods are designed specifically for advanced nymph fishing methods. The High Stick Drifter was co-developed by St. Croix and Kelly Galloup, a well-known fly designer, outfitter, television personality, writer, seminar speaker and owner of the Slide Inn on Montana’s Madison River.

The St. Croix High Stick Drifters are designed with super-lightweight tips, made possible by using high modulus/high strain SCV graphite with NSi resin (featuring 3M’s nano Matrix Resin) and a carbon-matte scrim.The unique, lightweight tip reduces angler fatigue when the rod is held high for long periods of technical nymph fishing, improves sensitivity for better strike detection, and contributes to the overall balance of the rod.


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