Shimano Tyrnos TYR30II / TackleDirect Platinum Hook TDPS662040SIN White Marlin Combo



Having difficulties finding the perfect combo to outfit your new boat or to update your old gear before your next offshore white marlin trip? TackleDirect has taken all of the guess work out of matching the industry’s best white marlin reels along with the brand new series of Platinum Hook rods by TackleDirect. The TackleDirect Platinum Hook TDPS662040SIN/Shimano TYR30II Conventional White Marlin Combo is an exceptional option when dredge fishing for white marlin and other small billfish with circle hooks. The soft tip section of the rod results in a higher percentage of solid hookups, and has plenty of backbone towards the foregrip of the rod in case it is ever needed. The Tyrnos 30II offers a quick retrieve at 45 inches per crank while also offering more torque in low gear if you happen to hook a yellowfin tuna or a blue marlin while looking for whitey. Whether you are outfitting your new boat, or want to upgrade your white marlin or sailfish trolling arsenal, this combo featuring a TackleDirect Platinum Hook Rod and the Shimano Tyrnos is the best choice to get set up like a professional white marlin crew.


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