Shimano Talica TAC20BFC Billfish Lever Drag Reel



The Shimano Talica True Billfish concept lever drag reel is designed for being able to meet highest level of pro tournament requirements of Pro Billfish. These innovative reels offer moderate drag curve under low drag setting, the only model at this time that offers this.

External Strike detent which is best solution for circle hook setting by lever dragLong Life ClickerWeight reduced frame Weight reduction holes to keep reel weight balance in checkReinforced mono spoolHigh tension preset knob under low drag setting helps to decrease line breakage by avoiding accidental drag changesOver-sized gear box for 60″ drive gearHollow lightweight knob for improved speed
All of these features allow for these reels to be most efficient when it comes to speed, weight and the fast paced environment of a pro tournament.


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