ProMariner 43012 Gen 3 ProSport 12 On-Board Marine Battery Charger



ProSport 12 Gen 3 Heavy Duty Recreational Series On-Board Marine Battery Charger – 12 Amp – 2 BankIncreased Power & Performance…Heavy Duty Recreational Series On-Board Marine Battery ChargerProSport Gen 3 On-Board Marine Battery Chargers incorporate all-digital microprocessor control. Like no other, the ProSport Series provides automatic installation feedback with its exclusive “System Check OK” and individual “Battery Bank Trouble” LED indicators, and also has the most advanced energy saving mode. After fully charging and conditioning batteries, ProSport’s Energy Saver Mode will monitor and Auto Maintain batteries only when needed to maintain a full state of charge, resulting in maximum reserve power performance and lower AC power consumption and operating costs.ProSport incorporates Distributed-On-Demand Charging technology, taking 100% of the available charging amps and distributing them to any one or combination of all batteries as needed for faster charging.ProSport is 100% waterproof and shockproof, weighing 40% lighter than older technology epoxy filled chargers providing cooler operation and greater reliability. Each ProSport model has 4 digitally selectable charge profiles including a once-a-month storage reconditioning mode for extending battery life.ProMar Digital TechnologyMicroprocessor and software controlled pulse charging technology delivering a 40% lighter design than the previous generation of epoxy filled chargers, cooler charger operation and faster charging.System OK & Battery Bank Trouble Status IndicatorsAdvanced technology eliminates time consuming troubleshooting by clearly indicating system and battery connections are OK or if a fault is present on a specific battery bank.Digital Multi-Stage Performance ChargingFully charge and extend the life of your batteries. Automatically charges, conditions and safely maintains all batteries on board for maximum time on the water.Storage Recondition ModeDuring short or long-term storage, ProSport automatically reconditions allbatteries on board once a month for maximum battery life and performance.Distributed-On-Demand TechnologyAutomatically charges and maintains your engine crank battery whiledistributing all remaining charging amps to trolling motor or house battery/batteries.Digital LED Display & Battery Type SelectorLED indicators for charging, conditioning and maintain modes in addition to AC power and selected battery type (2 charge profiles to choose from with a 3rd high performance AGM HP profile on the ProSport20 Dual only).Built-in Quality & SafetyCompact and rugged extruded aluminum design, dual in-line DC safety fuses for trolling motor and house battery banks. Built-in over-voltage, overload, over-temperature, reverse polarity and ignition protection.Features:Storage Recondition ModeSystem OK and Battery Bank Trouble StatusDigital LED DisplayDigital Battery Type Selector (HP AGM cap available on ProSport20 Dual only.)Pre-wired for easy installation


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