PowerPro Maxcuatro Braided Fishing Line Moss Green 1500yd Spools



PowerPro Maxcuatro Microfilament Braided Line is 25% thinner than existing PowerPro lines with equivalent strength. Maxcuatro line optimizes your casting distance while increasing your reel’s capacity. With 4-end lighter and softer construction made with Honeywell Spectra HT fiber, this ensures longer casting distance

Moss green color is ideal for water types ranging from glacial and high run off river systems to all oceanic regions of the world. This color is also suited for fishing in clear lakes to lakes that have large algae blooms. Green is similar to many bio organisms and will blend in to the background of the typical surroundings with which a fish is familiar.

Spool directly from the boxBuilt in cutterPackage protects remaining lineArbor tape includedColor of cartridge matches line color


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