Power Pole PP-MICRO-BLK Micro Anchor



The Power Pole Micro Anchor is perfect for your small vessel. Nothing gets you closer to the fish than your small boat. This anchor is brand new and all ectric. It is super compact and is the first of its kind. Designed to give anglers the ultimate shallow water fishing experience.

Features:Extremely quietPower: Stealth 60 Watt Low RPM, High torque electric motorTransom Clamp Footprint: 3in clamping thickness, 3.3in vertical x 6.2in horizontal area taken on transomHousing Unit: IP 68 Environmental Resistance(1-2 meter saltwater submersion)Easy installationEasily removable for storage or transfer to another boatPairs with C-MonsterWorks with other 3/4in spikesSpike stays in the Micro Driver Unit while running to the next spot2 year warranty
***Pole Accessory not included***


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