Plano Kayak Series V-Crate PLN-0237



The Plano Kayak Series V-Crate is the ultimate tackle storage system for kayaks. The V-Crate improves upon the popular milk crate model by offering convenient storage in a V-shaped profile that wraps the kayaker with easily accessible storage on either side. Each side features an open slot that holds two 3600 or 3700 size Stowaway Utility Boxes. The Boxes are securely held with a rubber strap at an angled orientation. Each outer wall features a rail system where rod holders and other accessory clips can be attached. Directly behind the kayaker is the main storage compartment that has enough capacity to store larger items such as drift anchors, rain gear, food and drink, etc. Beneath the main storage compartment is a smaller, completely waterproof section where valuables such as phones and wallets can be safely stored without having to worry about water intrusion. The main section has unprecedented amounts of storage space, yet remains compact enough to fit in the vast majority of kayak models. Features: Unique V-shape provides easy side access ? especially for those with limited mobility Each side holds two Stowaway utility boxes Angled fit and rubber straps keep sides secure but open for easy viewing Large, open bulk storage in center module Waterproof compartment in base secures valuables Unit hinges backward to accommodate low clearance Side rail system easily attaches rod holders and other accessories Compact, elevated base (milk crate size) fits most kayak models Detach main unit from base for easy transport or stowing
**Tackle Not Included**


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