MotorGuide 8M0092070 PinPoint GPS Navigation System



The MotorGuide 8M0092070 PinPoint GPS Navigation System is an easy upgrade for those models that did not feature integrated Pinpoint GPS. Pinpoint uses an ultra-precise GPS receiver and precision control algorithms for incredibly accurate performance.

A compact, easy-to-use remote controls the MotorGuide Pinpoint GPS Navigation System features:

AnchorHolds boat position on a fixed GPS coordinate
Stores and recalls up to eight positions
While in Anchor mode, the directional controls can be used to move the boat in 5-foot increments in any directionHeading Lock
Navigates the boat to a specific compass headingRoute
Record and playback up to eight routes of up to four miles eachCruise Control
Hold a GPS speed while navigating a heading or route


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