Minn Kota EO Electric Outboard Motors



Minn Kota EO Electric Outboard Motors provide smaller boats up to 9 hrs of primary propulsion on just a single charge, so you can stay out on the water all day. With the battery boosting Digital Maximiser, a rock solid sturdy bracket, and the reliability that inherently comes with Minn Kota products, and an EO Electric Outboard Motor is a no brainer.A nine position Lever Lock bracket built from reinforced composite materials provides a rock-solid mount, and includes a quick releasing lever lock for convenience. The Tilt/Extend Tiller gives you hands on control of the EO, extending up to 6 in. and tilting up to a 45? angle. When you’re home, tilt downward for simple storage. Precisely dial your speed in both reverse and forward. And, you can always know your power level with a simple button push, thanks to the instant ”state of charge” reading.Minn Kota EO Electric Outboard Motor Features:Lever-Lock BracketVariable Speed ControlTilt/Extend TillerPush to Test Battery MeterDigital Maximizer


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