Marsh Tacky Carbon Fiber Cockpit Dart Harpoons



Marsh Tacky Cockpit Harpoons were designed to be the strongest, stiffest, easiest to use, and most durable harpoon on the market. Each harpoon shaft is made of 100% American-made aerospace grade carbon fiber with controlled thermoset toughened epoxy. The precision machined head and pike is made of a stainless steel alloy that is twice as strong as 316 stainless steel. Also includes a heavy duty slick butt and gimbal for a light weight tail end that promotes precision throws and ease of accessibility. The bronze dart with vinyl coated stainless steel cable tether, Kevlar loop for safety line attachment, and a neoprene/Velcro dart line retainer is also included. 100% proudly made in the USA with a Limited Lifetime Warranty to the original purchaser, the Marsh Tacky Cockpit Harpoon will be the last harpoon you need!


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