Maretron SMS100 Short Message Service SMS Text Module



Must be used with a GSM band cell provider, not compatible with Verizon WirelessThe Maretron SMS100 Short Message Service SMS Text Module is a mobile or cellular modem that automatically sends text message alerts from your vessel to your phone. The SMS100 works together with Maretron’s dedicated displays (DSM150/DSM250) or N2KView software (with the optional N2KView-Alerts module) to detect programmable alert conditions from sensors interconnected on an NMEA 2000 network. The displays or N2KView software instruct the SMS100 to connect to the cellular network and transmit an alert message to selected telephone numbers. Whether it is high bilge water, low battery voltage, unplugged shore power, or an opened hatch or door, the SMS100 quickly alerts you to conditions onboard your vessel that require attention anywhere you have cellular network coverage.

You can also send a text message to your vessel and with the proper sensors installed, the SMS100 will respond with status information including the vessels position, bilge status, battery and shore power voltage, wind speed, inside and outside temperature.Maretron SMS100 Short Message Service SMS Text Module applications: Programmable alerts (Alarms or Warnings) from Maretron installed displays and sensors on the vessel automatically triggers text message(s) sent to your phone
User can text vessel for status (Position, Bilge Status, Battery and Shore Power Voltage, Wind Speed, Inside and Outside Temp) which also double checks communication path to ensure alerts get through
Six band GSM modem with easily interchangeable mini-SIM Card (SIM Card is user supplied)
Dipole terminal antenna with hinged SMA Connector with versatile mounting options
Weatherproof (IP65) enclosure


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