Maretron Mid 100 Meter Bulk Cables



Maretron Mid 100 Meter Bulk Cables. Available in gray and blue.
OverallOuter Jacket Mat/Color: PVC/Gray – DG1 PVC/Blue – DB1
Insulation Material: PE (data wires), PVC (power wires)
Construction: 2×16 (1.29mm) AWG, 2×20 (0.81mm) AWG, 20 (0.81mm) AWG Drain Wire
Shielding (3 levels): Foil (overall), Foil (power pair), Foil (data pair)

Power Pair
Wire: 2×16 (1.29mm) AWG
Resistance/Conductor: 4.1 Ohms/1000 ft max
Max Amperage: 14 AmpsColor Code: Red/Black

Data Pair
Wire: 2×20 (0.81mm) (AWG)
Characteristic Impedance: 120 Ohms +/- 10%
Capacitance: 10.75 pF/ft
Color Code: White/Blue

UL: PLTC 75 deg C Sunlight Resistant E90625, AWM 80 deg C 300V
CSA: CMX-OUTDOOR-CMG LL54185 75 deg C, AWM I/II A/B 80 deg C 300V FT4
NMEA: NMEA 2000 Approved
IEC: IEC-61162-3


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