Maretron ALM100 Alarm Module



The Maretron ALM100 Alarm Module generates visual and audible alerts for any monitored condition. The ALM100 includes an extremely loud 105 dB SPL Piezoelectric sounder, along with a red high-brighness LED to indicate an alarm condition. A second green LED indicated that the Alarm Module is powered and ready to be triggered. The audible alarm can sound any one of 32 distinct pre-programmed patterns to indicate different alerts. The Maretron ALM100 Alarm Module can be triggered by alarms generated by Maretron’s N2KView Vessel Monitoring System, or by Maretron’s DSM250 Color Graphics Display. The Alarm Module mounts in a standard electric box or or can be flush mounted on any surface. Completely waterproof, the Alarm Module can be mounted inside or outside the vessel.


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