Kodiak Pro Flow Bait Tanks



Kodiak Pro Flow Bait Tanks utilize directional flow to help your bait fish swim and breathe better. Schooling bait fish breathe by swimming while water passes over their gills, so when they are held in the confines of a bait tank, they typically suffer from lack of oxygen. That’s why a Kodiak Pro Flow Bait Tank is so important to keeping your bait healthy.Smooth walls with flush baffles mean there is nothing for the fish to collide with. The space-saving PF-14 oblong tank comes ready to fish. Just connect to your bait pump and you can head off to the fishing grounds. Models PF-32 and PF-22 are tall enough to mount on your swim step or drain over most outboard wells. The PF-32 tank comes with an additional drain at the half water level, which allows the water to run half full, which reduces weight and makes for easier netting at the end of the day of your few remaining bait fish.


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