JINKAI Bench Mount Crimping Tool



JINKAI Tools are among the finest of their kind to be found anywhere in the world. Each of them is a durable, well-designed, precision tool that gets the job done right. A quality tool is a pleasure to use every time.

Please note:
The Jinkai BMC Bench Mount Crimping Tool comes with one die; see list below for die size options. When you place your order, please specify in the ”Comments” section which die you would like to receive with the Bench Mount Crimping Tool.Die Size A for A SleevesDie Size B for B SleevesDie Size C for C SleevesDie Size D for D SleevesDie Size E for E SleevesDie Size F for F SleevesDie Size 4 for G, H SleevesDie Size 5 for LI, I SleevesDie Size 6 for J SleevesDie Size 7 for K Sleeves


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