Garmin BlueChart g2 – HXEU459S – Arhus – Kiel – Koszalin – microSD/SD Card



HXEU459S Covers:

Swedish coast: from Hoganas to Karlskrona, including Malmo. Danish, German, and Polish coasts: from Arhus to Koszalin, including Sjaelland, Fyn, Mon, Falster, Lolland, Langeland, and Fehmarn.Garmin BlueChart g2 marine maps feature crisp labeling and an overall smoother presentation on your chartplotter display. In addition to the basic charts, tidal stations, currents, depth contours, IALA symbols and included fishing charts, BlueChart g2 offers improved transitioning between zoom levels and more seamless continuity across chart boundaries.Customize Your ScreensBlueChart g2 also adds Safety Shading which allows the user to enable contour shading for all depth contours shallower than the user-defined safe depth. The fishing charts are designed to emphasize bathymetric contours with less visual clutter on the display. There’s also a choice of standard 2-D direct overhead or 3-D “over-the-bow” map views for easier chart reading and orientation.Features found on BlueChart g2:Seamless chart presentationVector object orientated dataShaded depth contours and inter?tidal zones with spot soundingsPort plansTidal stations for selected countriesAids to navigation with view range and coverage including light sectors informationWrecks, restricted areas, anchorages, obstructionsTidal current graphs2?D or 3?D map perspective viewMarina points of interest and slipwaysFull bathymetric fishing charts providing detailed contoursBlueChart CompatibilityBlueChart g2 on microSD/SD is recommended for: Colorado, Dakota, Oregon, nuvi 500 series; GPSMAP 60Cx/CSx, GPSMAP 76Cx/CSx, RINO 520HCx, 530HCxBlueChart g2 on Garmin data card is recommended for: GPSMAPs: 192, 198, 276C, 278, 292, 298, 376C, 378, 392, 398, 478, 492, 498, 2100 series, 2200 series, 3000 seriesBlueChart g2 on microSD/SD has limited compatibility (won’t show BlueChart g2 Vision features) with: GPSMAPs: 400 series, 500 series, 600 series, 700 series, 4000 series, 5000 series, 6000 series, 7000 series


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