Garmin 010-01406-00 Panoptix PS60 Thru-Hull Down Transducer



The Garmin 010-01406-00 Panoptix PS60 Thru-Hull Down Transducer is ideal for coastal and offshore fishermen with larger boats. Panoptix is the most innovative and unique sonar on the market. The Panoptix PS60 transducer allows you to see bait and fish swimming under your boat in real time.Garmin 010-01406-00 Panoptix PS60 Thru-Hull Down Transducer Features:RealV? 3-D Down – Scans the area below the boat from front to back and side to side, providing a full 3-D view showing bottom contour changes, fish and structure, even while stationaryRealV? Historical – Provides a wealth of historical sonar data – used for finding fish located throughout the entire water column in 3-D, from bottom to surfaceLiveV? Down – Provides real-time moving sonar images below the boat; see small baitfish and large target fish swimming around and pinpoint their destination left of right and their depth
Mounting Option – Stainless steel stem, fairing block and mounting hardware allow for thru-hull installation on a boat with a deadrise between 0 and 25 degrees
Garmin 010-01406-00 Compatible Devices:GPSMAP 721/741/820/840/1020/1040 Series ChartplottersGPSMAP 7400/7600 Series
GPSMAP 8000/8500 Series
Includes:Panoptix PS60 Thru-Hull Down Transducer
Stainless Steel Thru-Hull Mount
Fairing Block
Split Ring RJ45 Connector and Documentation
Integrated 30 ft network cable, 15 ft power cable


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