Fusion MS-SG41400 4-Channel Signature Series Amplifier – 1400W



The Fusion MS-SG41400 4-Channel 1400W Signature Series Amplifier is capable of amplifying up to four pairs of Fusion speakers (parallel on four channels.) The MS-SG41400 is 2-Ohm Stable, and offers 5-way circuitry protection, in a heavy duty die cast 1 piece chassis.Fusion MS-SG41400 Signature Series Amplifier Features:1400 Watt, 4-Channel, Class D amplifier2-Ohm StableHeavy duty die cast 1-piece chassisDiscrete install panel-covers the amp set-up controls and hides all cablingAmplify 4 pairs of Fusion speakers (run in parallel on 4-channels)Conformal coated PCBFLFC low frequency control-accurate fine tuning of frequency response5-Way circuitry protection – Thermal/Reversed Power Polarity/DC Offset Protection/High + Low Voltage


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