BerleyPro Native Watercraft Slayer Propel Rudder Upgrade



With the BerleyPro Native Watercraft Slayer Propel Rudder you can upgrade and totally reinvent your Native Watercraft. A spring loaded center section extends below the hull, giving the rudder more surface area acting on the water. With this, you are finally able to let go of the steering while peddling, with much improved tracking to keep your hands free! The rudder dramatically increases the response in turning and removes the laziness of the kayak while turning.And don’t worry about what happens when you hit something going forwards: This rudder has been designed to fold back into itself if you hit something going forwards! It simply retracts to the same size as the original rudder, and you can put the provided locking pin in for easy transport, launching, and landing.The BerleyPro Native Watercraft Propel Rudder, made in Australia out of thermoformed ABS plastic and a CNC machined aluminium shaft, can be installed quickly with a screw driver and includes a locking pin so it can be collapsed when traveling.


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