Alutecnos SALG06v Albacore Gorilla 6 V Color – Silver



Small, compact and above all light with a fast retrieve ratio of 6.2:1 and an unmistakable designed and studied in all details for those who love vertical jigging and not only.
With ” Gorilla 6V” integrated drag pre-set and drag drag side plate with ergonomic design for the utmost comfort during fishing action. Single disc brake able to set with 20lb with guaranteed free-spool, a longer operating lever that combined with the aluminum power handle allows to generate a considerable power to better exploit the fast retrieve ratio, so that it makes unnecessary the two speed system. All this in only 580grams of weight. The Gorilla 6V is not a simply common multiplier reel but the new “masterpiece for the art of fishing” by Alutecnos.


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