ACR RCL-75 Remote Control 12V Searchlight with Point Pad



This high powered halogen light works wonders in the dark even in choppy, rough conditions.Bright lamp design provides redundancyPowerful halogen beam with 3h x 5w beam spreadEasily installed point pad style joy stick controlRobust, function and feature-rich searchlight is easy to install7 wire, wiring harness, 17′ lengthElectronics located in water resistant light head for protection against water accumulation45? down pitch ocular design provides enhanced visibility when docking18? up pitch to illuminate draw bridge towers, etc.Lamps easily replaced by removing top cap to access rear light assemblyDesiccated filter dries air; protects reflector and light assemblyInnovative “direct drive” system eliminates uncontrolled light movement in choppy conditionsHeavy-duty gear teeth and electric motors3?vertical, 7? horizontal Beam angle63? vertical (18? up, 45? down), elevation angle360? rotation angle6 -7?/second rotation speed2 High density 55W halogen lamps1 year limited warranty


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